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17 Apr 14


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having friends that live in a different timezone was never a problem i expected to have

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As you may or may not know, my lovely and beautiful little bean Stephanie fannyann is getting married this summer, and it’d be her absolute dream come true for Liam to attend her wedding. Now since this is a pretty lofty goal, we’re starting small! 

We want to at least get her wedding invitation to Liam so he could know that he has a doting fan that’d be charmed if he could attend, or at least know that he’s seen the invitation and knows she adores him.

Here’s where you guys come in: We want to sent out emails to the contacts at Modest that we know of with a simple message requesting any kind of way to ensure that the wedding invite gets to Liam. We’re suggesting a message that looks something like this:


I am writing to you on behalf of one of my good friends, Stephanie J., in hopes of helping one of her biggest dreams come true. Stephanie is getting married this July, in Houston, Texas, and there’s nothing more in the world that she’d want more than for Liam Payne to receive an invitation to the wedding. Since the likelihood of him attending is slim to none, this is the next best thing, with an assurance/acknowledgement that it’s been received (of course).

I am aware of the addresses provided by Modest, but as there is personal information included, it would be really helpful if we could get a more direct way of sending the invitation? Any other ideas or suggestions would be helpful as well!

Kindest Regards and eternally thankful,

[Your Name]

These are the emails we know we can shoot these messages over to:




If anyone else has contact info for anyone else who you’d think would be able to help make this happen, do let us know!

We’d also like to make this happen via Twitter, so sending over similar messages to Liam himself, his sisters (@NicolaPayne2788 & @RuthPayne0990) the rest of the boys, his friends (Tom, Jordan, Andy, Maz, anyone else you can think of!), the band (Josh, Jon, Sandy and Dan), Julian Bunetta and Jamie Scott, Modest (@ModestMgmt), Syco, and even Simon Cowell or anyone you think would get the message over to him would be a great help too! Be sure to use the hashtag #liam2stephswedding and tag Stephanie’s handle (@fannyyann) in your tweets as well. 

The wedding is in roughly 3 months, so we’re hoping this will get some traction and attention by then. 

Stephanie is one of the nicest human beings you will ever meet, with the kindest soul and biggest heart. It’d mean the world to her to get to meet Liam or even just know that he’s received her wedding invitation. Think of this mini-campaign as a wedding gift you’re sending to a person that deserves the whole world. 

Please share this around and consider sending out a couple quick emails and tweets to help increase the chances that Liam gets the message!

Thanks everyone! :)

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every time zayn malik smiles an angel gets their wings

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people with zayn as their 5


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