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So, today, me and my friend LaKeina went to a Japanese restaurant and after ordering our food, this person behind us went up and asked the person in charge “where are the fortune cookies?” and the person in charge responded with “That’s Chinese.” The person ordering said, “But I thought this was Chinese?” and the PIC responded with “No, it’s Japanese.” I’m trying to stop myself from laughing while this is going on. The person ordering says “I thought this was a Chinese restaurant. Where’s the closest Chinese restaurant?” so I told them “There’s one down in the mall.”

And then the person ordering asks the PIC “So how do you tell the difference? What’s the difference?” and I don’t even try to hold back the laughter at this point. I probably looked like a jerk to that person but why are you going into a restaurant and asking what the difference between Japanese and Chinese is? If you are really that confused, go home, go on the computer, and remember; Google is your friend.

The funniest part about it though was right on the back walls it had posters up that said “Japan”.

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