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(Warning: Glee SPOILERS) 

Blaine, I don’t understand you. You spend a whole episode thinking you and Rachel might get together and then after she kisses you you’re like “yep, I’m gay. 100% gay. Thanks for clearing that up for me Rachel” AND NOW YOU’RE NOT GAY? WHAT. THE. HECK?

I’m done with this show’s terrible writing. I don’t understand how you can spend a whole episode establishing the fact that you can’t date Rachel b/c you’re gay and then denying ANYTHING throughout the rest of seasons 2, 3, and the start of 4 that would suggest you’re straight or bi, BUT THEN THIS THING HAPPENS.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t CARE if Blaine was bi IF IT HADN’T BEEN COMPLETELY ESTABLISHED BEFORE NOW THAT HE DIDN’T LIKE GIRLS AT ALL. Like, what the heck is this?

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