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16 May 13

Tomorrow’s my Government exam and I’ve studied……………………………………………………… not at all.

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15 May 13

My graduation cap is ready to go! :)

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Since our school made the dumb decision to switch from having everyone wear blue graduation gowns to girls having yellow (bleh) and boys having blue, I’m decorating my graduation cap with the blue fairy from Sleeping Beauty and writing “make it blue” on it.

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Sometimes I wish I had the courage to commit suicide b/c I just feel like it’d be easier to just end it before I have to deal with graduating or losing all my friends.

But I just can’t do it.

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Today is a terrible day. The last choir concert and only 3 more school days until school’s over. I’m not ready, I can’t handle it. :(

And the fact that I’m the only one who seems to care, let alone be upset, about this, makes it even worse.

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09 May 13

Tonight’s my final choir concert EVER and my nose is running/I have a cough. I can’t miss it though. If I miss it, I’ll regret it. :(

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Today I asked Lex about plans for college and the response I got was “I don’t know, I think I’m gonna go into the army first.”

Guys, this year may be the last year Lex and I ever see each other again. It may be the last year Lex is even alive. I can’t bear that thought. :’( I can’t bear thinking that my best friend will no longer be with me after this. I just can’t.

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02 May 13

Also, apparently for seniors there’s no attendance requirement on exams. All you have to do is have an a or b average in classes and you don’t have to take the exam for that class. :)

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So Ms. Session (my Government teacher) says all I have to do is a test and then I will be all caught up in Government. :D Yay! :)

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28 Apr 13

My brother promised me if his restaurant ever turns into a chain restaurant, I get to run the Twitter page for it.

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