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4 gifs of ↳ santofsky dancing

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AU meme: In which Santana and Dave are awesome friends, Kurtofsky happens and everything is beautiful.

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Here’s the thing, I don’t think Santana ever actually planned on outing Dave. For one simple reason, she revealed to him that she was gay to.

She lost all leverage over him when she revealed that, just as she could out Dave, he could out her, something neither wanted to be. Of course it was wrong of her to even pretend she’d out him, but still, I doubt she ever would have gone through with it, if she was actually serious about doing it she wouldn’t have told Dave she was gay to.

Because, once again, revealing that to him immediately removed any power she had over him, it levelled the playing field, and gave Dave something to hold over her, just as she had something to hold over him.

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Need this friendship again.

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Glee will use Dave Karofsky for a serious and important topic.

And there are people complaining that Blaine isn’t involved?

Someone can tell me why Blaine has to be involved? Because i… 

Santana and Sabastian, Gay characters, that aren’t also involved. Why the heck is that Blaine had to be involved?
Apart from Kurt the only people who might logically be involved had was Santana. Because she had a relationship” with Dave.

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