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My love, take my breath away.

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Brittany leaving decisions up to Santana with cheek kisses.

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It’s your choice…If you want me I’m here

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I felt like this moment was very real… Brittany was sitting next to her best friend/ex-girlfriend, and she wanted to kiss her, and she did.

And Santana wanted to kiss her, too, and she did, for just one kiss… but there are also reasons right now she kind of didn’t, and she stopped.

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"I’ve seen the world and I’m sure now, more than ever, that I belong with you.

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*reblogs same scene giffed 10 different ways*

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I’ m   h e r e.

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It feels really good to be around you. You make me feel like a girl again, like my body wakes up. I really wanna be with you, Santana, I’ve seen the world and I’m sure now more than ever that I belong with you. And I’m sure your girlfriend’s great but you can’t recreate what you and I have. It’s your choice. If you want me I’m here.

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