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V is for Vanity


Everytime I look at me


I turn myself on, I turn myself on


Get into it.


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AU: When Xtina and Gaga perform at the X Factor, Britney is unimpressed. But Gaga notices the shade and starts harassing Britney on Twitter to which Britney pays no mind to because she doesn’t really care for anything but Starbucks. Gaga comes back on the X Factor a few months later to perform her crash and burn single Do What U Want. Britney and Demi find it all quite amusing. 

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AU: After Beyonce shot and killed Louis, Harry moved on and found love with Niall. Because nobody knew who killed Louis, Beyonce was free…but she was slowly losing it not being able to be with Harry. Her jealousy for Niall made her ridiculous. Her best friend Aaliyah didn’t like seeing her like that. She got Nicki and Christina to help her find a way to get Niall out of the picture. When the plan was set in motion, Nicki made it known someone was gonna get capped. But Drake had to try to be a hero and stop the hit. Aaliyah had enough of Drake and took him out before he could stop Christina from blowing up Niall’s car. 

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AU: When Britney is seen leaving Louis’ LA home rumors spread that they are dating. Britney is bombarded with questions regarding One Direction. Everyone wants to know the truth…especially Christina. She hacks into their skype room and reveals to the whole world the truth.

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AU: When Harry auditioned for The Voice he had no idea he would fall right into the scheming hands of Christina Aguilera. The moment she saw him she fell in love with him, but it was a sinister love. But he was already in love with someone else. Xtina knew Louis had to be destroyed…One day she cut the brakes on Louis’ bike….his body was never recovered from the river. But the cops suspected Harry had been the one who cut Louis’ brakes. Harry is spending the rest of his life in prison for Louis’ murder. When Xtina was asked about Louis’ death and about Harry’s sentence to life, she laughed. But Britney knows the truth…

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Artists: Then and Now.

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