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20 Mar 14

zaynsideheaux replied to your post “I’m addicted to answering these “How did you find my blog?” questions…”

I found you through ontd, duh. You ontd homies hold a special place in my heart ;)

07 Mar 14

Tyler’s birthday messages are always the best. <3

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Demi changing the lyrics of Believe in Me when someone threw a paper ball on stage.

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            Anonymous said,
Hey, babe, you there?


I am still here..if i had my choice i wouldnt be but after two failed attempts this weekend the last one being really lucky it didnt work but im answering this because i just wanna seriously thank everyone and anyone who sent me a message no matter how long it seriously meant so incredibly much to me and has a great deal to do with why im still here. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU EVERYONE SO MUCH YOU ARE ALL AMAZING PEOPLE AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THE OVERWHELMING SUPPORT I GOT. Seriously though i didnt expect to get any messages at all or for anyone to notice and you guys are just perfect all of you thank you again <3

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Couldn’t resist. For all of you! Happy Valentine’s Day 💘 


Couldn’t resist. For all of you! Happy Valentine’s Day 💘 

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swifttailor replied to your photo

its nice to be appreciated

14 Feb 14

            Anonymous said,
Happy Valentine's Day from the LDR anon! <3

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! :D <3

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11 Feb 14

            Anonymous said,
daily reminder that you're awesome

Aww… YOU’RE awesome, anon. <3

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