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Thanks Glitter magazine, for putting me on your cover!! <3

Thanks Glitter magazine, for putting me on your cover!! <3

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Do you know why Jennette didn't attend the Kids Choice Awards this year? People say it has something to do with both her and Ariana being nominated and Dan Schneider winning the lifetime achievement award. :/

I have no idea. :/ All I know is she tweeted these:

And favorited these:

And I heard that she and Ariana unfollowed each other after Ariana tagged her in something???

It all seems very suspicious. I’m not sure what to say/think. :/

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Jennette McCurdy: Bliss Magazine

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Do I Look Fat in This Article? Jennette McCurdy on Beauty and Body Shaming 

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Jennette McCurdy: Why I Stopped Believing in Christmas (And How I Got My Holiday Mojo Back) - Speakeasy - WSJ 

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NEW COVER: Jennette McCurdy covers “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus

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