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 AU: Whitney and Niall have been dating for several months now andMadonna still cannot move on from Niall. At this point she is even trying to gain the approval of Whitney so that she can sleep with Niall. Whitney wastes no time in rejecting Madonna’s invitation. Madge is heartbroken and cannot bear the lack of attention. and it doesn’t help that Nash spilled the truth tea all over her.

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All of 1D’s problems stem from the fact Zayn’s dear friend Janet Jackson and Harry’s aunt Madonna don’t get along

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AU: Lana and Harry start dating and it causes friction in the band. Zayn loves Harry and doesn’t like the attention Lana is getting. But Lana enjoys making Zayn feel like second best. Zayn becomes torn inside as his true love is stolen by some woman. He finally snaps and kills Harry onstage in front of thousands of fans. Harry’s aunt, Madonna is often seen relaxing on his grave every April 20th at 4:20 p.m. smokin a blunt. 

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AU: Niall falls for the beautiful Whitney Houston. Whitney is extremely flattered the young singer has confessed his love for her. She goes to see one of his shows and feels the power of God flow from Niall. They soon begin dating. Madonna seeing a young boy dating an older woman that isn’t her becomes jealous and tries to steal Niall from Whitney. When asked about Madonna’s actions, Whitney stated that “That cracka been nothin but trouble since PAPA DON’T PREACH! PHUCK HA!” Niall and Whitney announce their engagement at the Grammy Awards while Madonna watched from the audience. When asked about how she felt about their engagement, Madonna sat in silence until another question was asked.

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AU: After confessing his love of older women, Harry gains the attention of Cher and Madonna. 

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Artists: Then and Now.

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Hung Up


Madonna - Hung Up

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