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This scene wasn’t aired. It was Sparkles singing “Mall” with the mother on bass, the robot was on stage too! (x)

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Don’t you dare tell me that this is what Robin wanted. Don’t you dare tell me she’s going to be happy with Ted. Don’t. You. Dare.

She’s had a childhood of being told she’s a disappointment, then her mother leaving her. The first guy she wanted to giver her BODY to, he told her he was gay the minute he stuck himself inside her (I’m sure that made her feel great about herself). Simon treated her terribly. All her Robin Sparkles fans abandoned her when she tried to express herself differently. She didn’t have any friends for years. When she finally made them, the best and only friends she’s ever had, now, she’s just fallen out of touch with them, and you can tell they don’t love her like they used to. She fell in love with a total womanizer who changed everything, evolved beyond recognition to be with her. Who loved her completely and made her truly happy, accepting her with her flaws. But he divorced her because her dream: her career, was ruining them. You know, I always thought Robin focused on her career so much because it couldn’t hurt her. Because when Robin Scherbatsky opens up that precious heart of hers, people stamp on it.

(But her career can’t give her love, either. You’d be lying if you thought love wasn’t what she really wants. Love, and success. Her career, and people who care for her. Yet lets not talk about how much time she spent ALONE, with success and nobody to share it with)

Previously, she found out she was infertile. We all know she didn’t want kids, but we’d all also be lying if we said this didn’t hit her hard. You could actually see her feeling like she wasn’t good enough. We also saw her picturing two children with Barney. (Yeah, tell me again a future and a family with BARNEY isn’t what she wants). Over a year on, she’s still extremely hurt about not being able to have kids.

So her marriage falls apart. She travels for years with no friends. If I’m forced to believe that her feelings for Ted are rekindling, it’s darn well not because she’s in love with him. It’s because he (rather unhealthily) viewed her as perfect. She was ALWAYS perfect to him. Nobody else treated her like that. Her Dad, her Mom, they made her feel worthless. Barney adored her, but he acknowledged her flaws. Ted romanticised her to the extreme. And at this stage, alone, broken marriage, friendships fallen apart, seeing everyone who used to love her moving on to bigger and better things with out her- surely she must want to be seen as perfect again.

But there is no way she would be happy in this situation. You can’t have a relationship when one person has idolised the other so much. It’s been clear to me for SEASONS that Robin has no romantic or sexual feelings for Ted. It’s not what she wants. But at this point, I think she’s already lost everything she wanted. She’s got her dream career, but she’s still not happy.

So what now- Ted steals her the blue French horn, the perfect gesture, for the perfect girl, in the perfect setting, completing a perfect cycle. Then what, huh? They have shitty sex, Robin feels awful, because nothing feels like it did with Barney. But she’s already watched him drift away. All she wanted, was to ‘fix’ him, and with their marriage, she must feel like it wasn’t enough to keep him, or to make him say goodbye to all his past. But having a baby did it instantly. The one thing she could never give him. Don’t tell me the word disappointment isn’t echoing in her ears.

Say she becomes stepmom to kids she doesn’t actually know very well, and I’m sure Ted will soon realise she isn’t actually perfect. She’ll be trying to live up to being the mother, as a stepmother. She’s a woman who’s never wanted kids and hasn’t been in love with Ted Mosby for a long, long, LONG time. She’s not going to be happy. She’s going to feel second best. She’s going to feel like she has to live up to 2 ghosts- the ghosts of the mother, and the ghost of her past self.

What happened to the lesson about not holding onto the past, because it’s already gone, hmm?

She’s probably going to have to see Barney with his daughter now, assuming she is friends with Luke and Penny. Don’t tell me she isn’t going to imagine that was her daughter. Don’t tell me she isn’t going to wish she could share that with him. That it could have been their two kids from her fantasy. Whether or not its actually what she wanted, don’t tell me that she won’t be wishing a miracle could have come through. That he could be looking at their baby, and her lips as adoringly as he does his daughter that she couldn’t give him. And don’t think she won’t be thinking disappointment.

Nothing was resolved for that amazing woman who has been beaten down by these writers for no purpose, no resolution other than to be reduced to a dream romance figure for Ted, regardless of her feelings, character development and WHAT SHE WANTS. In the end, her Dad never told her he was proud of her. Barney never got back together with her (even though all of us with a mind know he loves her so much he’d never have got a quickie divorce in the first place). She’s a stepmother to kids that won’t ever see her as more than cool aunt Robin, a person she probably hasn’t felt like for a long time now. She’ll be with a man who’ll always miss his wife, and is in love with a twenty year old version of her.

She never got her happy ending. She never got a family of her own. I don’t care if that family was just her and Barney happily married, if it was a miracle swarkles baby, or a family of puppies they adopted. But that was what she needed- HER OWN FAMILY. Not taking the place of another woman in a life that isn’t hers. Not spending years alone. Not spending years feeling unwanted and unhappy. Not spending a good twenty years with nobody to hold her at night. That is not what Robin Scherbatsky deserved.

I feel like nothing that was built up in her character payed off in the end. All this potential was scrapped. Even her infertility served no purpose plot wise other than an insult. They could have done so much with that. Shown how women don’t need kids of be happy, shown how strong and wonderful and secure a marriage can be without kids. Show how you can be successful, have a career and be happy. Show how different lifestyles strive. Or even have her have a baby of her own, that she wanted- which could at least have given hope to the women that are battling to try to have a baby when the odds are against them. I feel like all it was was a stab at her. Making her barren to show she wasn’t good enough to be the kid’s mother, but as soon as the vessel mother is dead and out of the way (poor Tracey, such a beautiful character with so much wonderful potential) she can swoop in and be Ted’s lap of victory.

Robin is more than that. She’s worth so, so much more than that. I wanted to see her character be happy. Remember how happy she looked saying hi to Barney at the alter? Remember how happy she looked when he surprised her with the rehearsal dinner? And compare that to how she looked seeing Ted out the window. She looked tired, defeated, and even a little desperate. Like it was her very last hope. She’s clinging on to all she has left of happiness because the writers took all her development away for selfish reasons devised a long, long time ago. I wanted to see her finally feel like she isn’t alone.

Instead, she was scarcely in the final episode of the show she has played such an instrumental part in. She spent the majority of her life on her own, distanced from everyone. She grew to be middle aged with out the happy moments that Ted got with the mother. And I think, to herself, despite the success in her career, she never got to shake the feeling of being a disappointment. And it is the most tragic thing to happen on this show.

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“The truth is..I don’t love you like that anymore. And you don’t love me. You love Barney. And if you think I’d ever be part of ever screwing that up like that then maybe you don’t know me at all Robin.” - Ted

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good thing robin got more dogs for ted to make her give away 

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"The truth is..I don’t love you like that anymore. And you don’t love me. You love Barney. And if you think I’d ever be part of ever screwing that up like that then maybe you don’t know me at all Robin."

Ted Mosby to Robin Scherbatsky


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lol so how many times were we shown that ted and robin didn’t work as a couple

how many times was it made painfully clear that their relationship was unhealthy

how many times was it shown in uncomfortable clarity how bad it was for both of them that ted idolized robin the way he did 

frankly i don’t care that barney and robin didn’t end up together but to devalue years of character development, to reduce the mother to a plot device, to make robin miserable and disconnected and unhappy without ted in her life was wrong 

it was wrong and it was a betrayal and i am so heartbroken, guys, i gave nine years of my life to this show for it to turn around on me like this

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actual 10 year old

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