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The Cheetah Girls


let’s be real this song could solve 98% of the world’s problems

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The Cheetah Girls


The Cheetah Girls - Cinderella
I can slay my own dragons
I can dream my own dreams
My knight in shining armor is me
So I’m gonna set me free

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when are the cheetah girls gonna do a reunion tour 

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“To the people clinging to the notion that female-led pictures are a niche genre, people see them! They make money! The world is round, people!”  - Cate Blanchett

{part 1} {part 2}

this one’s better uwu

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Current Girlbands and their Past Parallels 

Neon Jungle-Spice Girls
The Spice Girls are known for their celebration of girlpower, as well as their unapologetic in-your-face attitude at times. Neon Jungle parallels them this way; they’re edgy, they’re purposely shaking things up to disrupt the boring Status Quo, and it sets them apart.

Stooshe-Destiny’s Child
Although Stooshe does an amazing cover of Waterfalls by TLC, I think they fit the Destiny’s Child dynamic better. With Destiny’s Child being certified ’90s and early ‘00’s R&B and Stooshe purposefully drawing their musical inspiration from Motown the sound of these two bands are different generations of each other. Stooshe also execute their band in a similar way. They divide up vocals evenly, but they still rely on a main power vocalist, a secondary vocalist, and a third more subtle vocalist as Destiny’s Child did. It works, too! In their performances they are just as solid as Destiny’s Child were in their prime.

Fifth Harmony-The Cheetah Girls
Affiliation with Disney aside, Fifth Harmony mirrors The Cheetah Girls in their essence, in the most important way that a band could mirror them. The Cheetah Girls were created, and maintained as a girlgroup that celebrated the differences in people and cultures to all come together to form music and friendship. That’s what Fifth Harmony does; each girl openly talks about their own experiences and life within their different cultures, and it’s all celebrated. They’re not just a multiracial group, they’re an overtly multicultural group. At the end of the day, they all come together as friends to make great music. This formula allows both groups to connect with more people and have a wider, more diverse fanbase.

The OMG Girlz have the Singer-Singer-Rapper dynamic that helped TLC stand out so well. They also use the personality-moniker system. Babydoll takes on the “Crazy” trope when performing, Star is admittedly the laid back “Cool” one, and Beauty, as her namesake, would be “Sexy” all openly showcasing their different personalities within their image as TLC did. Along with personalities, the way they’ve become close is also similar to TLC with Star and Beauty knowing each other before the band started, and happily inviting Babydoll into their group with loving arms just and T-boz and Left Eye did for Chilli.

Little Mix-The Troubletones
Okay, I admit that this one is kind of cheating. The problem was that I could not find an older girlband that matched Little Mix’s dynamic, musical style, and their image. However, the Troubletones from Glee actually does all that, and since they are now defunct and will most likely never be heard from again, they count as a past girlband. They are self described as fierce, femme, and phenomenal. They stood up for themselves, they let it be known that they weren’t there to be second candle to the other show choir at the school, and they loved each other. That’s how I view Little Mix; they love each other, they work hard, and they aren’t going to settle for any less than what they deserve. Not to mention the Troubletones were killer performers as are Little Mix.

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the climactic scene in Cheetah Girls was when raven’s ugly dog fell into a sewer for 3 1/2 minutes. and then they sang about it. 

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I can’t believe I haven’t told this story but when cheetah girls came out on Disney channel my dad was obsessed with it and called himself Cheetah Dad for like 2 weeks

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