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I made these to put up around my school for my school’s GSA. They are quotes from some little known bisexuals about their bisexuality.

Lets stop bisexual erasure and remember, bisexuality is real!

Bisexual erasure is a huge thing, even in the LG community. Let’s raise the awareness!

Not all of these statements specify bi, but we all jump to that place instead of being open to either bi OR pan. And this post is supposed to be about erasure. Gee.   

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you can’t be a bisexual if you’ve never dated a girl. all bisexuals must submit proof of dating history before becoming fully licensed and must be registered to continue practicing bisexuality. please renew your licence every 5 years to avoid reclassification as hetero- or homosexual and to remain eligible for our annual picnic and raffle.

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In 2011 Actor + Bisexual Rights Campaigner Alan Cumming, added his name to Bi Social Network’s "I Am Visible" bisexual awareness campaign …

Campaign organiser Adrienne Williams said, “He’s using his voice to stamp out biphobia and bi-erasure in entertainment, news and media and we are honored. If one bisexual life can be changed by showing that we are everywhere, that even in entertainment there are people like them, then all the better.”

(Source: bimedia.org)

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The difference between bisexuality and pansexuality: a powerpoint guide. 


why the heck can’t you just be attracted to who you’re attracted to. who needs to split hairs with these prefixes. splitting hairs to me

Our communities are important to us. I’m not saying everyone needs to have a label, or even has to have one as specific as these. But I have found that having that identity- being Bisexual, has given me a sense of community, solidarity, and most importantly validation. 

I don’t really care if it feels like “Splitting hairs” to others.  

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The difference between Bisexuality and Pansexuality: A Powerpoint Guide (Slightly updated)

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""Where’s the bi section?" I asked.

“You’re holding it,” the store owner replied dismissively, before turning to his next customer.

In my hand was a copy of Bisexual Erotica. One single solitary anthology comprised their entire section of bi literature. I could not hide the irritated expression on my face. Was this a New Hampshire suburb? Was I standing in Barnes & Noble?


I was in an independent bookstore in Provincetown, Massachusetts."

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yesterday in english my teacher brought up shakespeare’s bisexuality and the guy behind me started going all “nah bruh if he likes dudes he’s gay” and i told him that no that’s not how it works, there is a difference, and he was like “nah if you like the same sex then you’re gay” and i just snapped so hard i’m normally super quiet in that class i think i kind of scared my teacher because i was yelling like “no!!! you’re wrong!!!! don’t talk about stuff you don’t know about!!!!!” and yeah

what angered me the most was when he went “that’s your opinion” and just no it’s not my opinion it’s a literal fact that bisexuality =/= homosexuality it’s not your opinion either if you think it’s the same thing you’re just wrong

she put all these really obnoxious kids by me and that was a horrible mistake because it just means that instead of having them on one side of the room screaming at each other, now they’re on the other side of the room getting screamed at by me

I identify as bisexual and lesbian. But I’m pretty sure he wasn’t getting at the idea that people could identify as gay and also be bisexual. So I get ya.

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Bisexuals are not confused



bisexuals are not confused gosh this is like the easiest concept ever you jerk why can’t you just accept it it’s absolutely infuriating

idk im kind of confused on taxes?? 



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"We need more bisexual girls in fiction. Happy out and proud. Sad and closeted and scared. Bi girls of color. Trans and genderqueer bi characters. Bi characters who don’t know they’re bi until someone tells them bisexuality is real. Bi girls pretending to be straight. Bi girls pretending to be lesbians. Immigrant bi girls who have got bigger issues to worry about than being bi. With more diversity in our bi girls in fiction, one bi girl character with internalized biphobia won’t stick out so terribly."

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"Yes, a bisexual might cheat on you if you date them. Guess who else might cheat on you? That’s right, a lesbian. A straight man. A straight woman. A gay man. A klingon. A hobbit. If you are willing to discount the romantic potential of an entire group of people based on their ability to have sex with somebody other than you, you better stock up on batteries. And what do you think the “B” in “LGBTQIA” stands for anyway? Bananas?"

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