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So my older brother was in a book store and picked up a book about the difficulties faced by same sex parents in society today when a woman came up and made fun of him for being “too young to be reading a book about THAT sort of people.” He saw that she was carrying the third Hunger Games Book so he stared her dead in the eyes and hissed “Prim dies.” and walked away and I have never been prouder to have him as my sibling.

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So today a little girl came into the library where I work in an Elsa costume and she looked just like Elsa and my boss made the mistake of walking up to her and saying “well hello, princess, how are you?” and the little girl just says “Excuse me, I am a queen” and walks away

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Let’s play another round of Who Has the Biggest Victim Complex?:

  • A. neurotypical people
  • B. white people
  • C. straight people
  • D. cis people

but what about men?

for once “but what about men” was a phenomenal addition to one of my posts and I applaud you

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If you could go on tour with anyone, who would it be and why?

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Because everybody seems to CONVENIENTLY forget these other 2 tweets…

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lorde’s phone case is a picture of zuppy


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did u kno: ur icon is actually you in 20 years

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if anyone ever calls u a special snowflake just remember avalanches are composed of many special snowflakes and together we can flatten an entire ski lodge

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