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            samwinchesterlyarchive-deactiva said,


Just kidding. :P

Lana is such an amazing person and does perfect edits and she + Violet are my Zayn fangirling buddies.

I love how we can go from “insulting” each other to talking about serious subjects like this fandom’s poor treatment of Zayn (I bet you laughed at me calling that a “serious subject” but it’s more so than you think).

And she’s just all around one of my favorite people on Tumblr. <3

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11 Mar 13

johnskrasinskis replied to your post: That Zayn Osama post has 15K+ notes. Are. You….

what did the post say omg


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            samwinchesterlyarchive-deactiva said,
why dont you like little things

I love their voices but I don’t like the lyrics.