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Using the excuse “but I’m an ALLY!” to ‘defend’ your offensive statements sounds an awful lot like a child saying “but I WANT it!” when their mom won’t buy them the toy they want from the store…

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If you’re on someone’s side, that kind of means… you’re supposed to listen to what they say and not insult who they are as a person.


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03 Feb 14

Also, One Way Or Another is a really good speed walking song.

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Every year, unknowingly, we pass the anniversary of our future death.

this post messed me up

But you also pass the anniversary of your wedding day, your children’s birthdays, and every random best day in the years to come.

Unless you never get married or have kids.

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If I was a celebrity and I did something problematic, I’d want my fans to tell me about it rather than trying to defend me for it.

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To all the people who reblog that “if I become famous I’m trusting you all to keep my blog a secret” post: clearly you haven’t heard of what happened to Fifth Harmony’s tumblrs.

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In my mind no Disney couple will ever be more adorable than Ray/Evangeline.

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Has anybody made a masterpost of Harry’s obsession with Zayn’s cheekbones? Because if not, someone needs to.

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the new pope is homophobic. wow. shocking. i think i need to sit down to process this completely unexpected and unprecedented news





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I’m bored, so tell me in my ask box which tumblr users you ship me with.