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14 Apr 14

Oh goody, our next unit in English talks about abortion.

I can’t wait to turn the volume all the way up in my headphones so I don’t have to hear the vocal republicans in my class.

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1 note on 13 Apr 14

I have this banned books mug and everybody else is banned from using it.

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13 Apr 14

I have the worst case of senioritis.

Except I’m a freshman in college.

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3 notes on 12 Apr 14

I sang part of “Bossy” by Kelis to my mom and ever since she can’t stop singing about how she’s bossy.

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10 Apr 14

So basically, I had changed my password for that whatever thing tumblr was talking about, and I posted said password on my private blog (which no one else has the ability to view).

Then I tried to login to my account via the school computer, but I couldn’t remember the new password, so I sent to my private blog and copy/pasted it.

Well, after several times of that not working, I pressed on the “forgot password” button so that tumblr would email me a new password or whatever. So I tried to go to my email to get my new password, but they didn’t send the email. I kept trying and trying, but I didn’t receive it at all.

And long story short, the only way I’m still able to be on my blog right now is because my home computer has me saved/logged in.

So if I ever log out on this computer, I may never be able to log back in again.

Isn’t that perfect?

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My dream University just raised the minimum GPA requirement for transfer. *sigh* This means I need to get it together…

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07 Apr 14

I think I pulled a muscle.

I speedwalked around the entire mall times today because our English class got out early.

I shouldn’t have done that.

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4 notes on 05 Apr 14

My sister Sarah just said, out of nowhere, “everyone in this room came from mom’s vagina.”

Then Caroline responded with “no, only Anna came from mom’s vagina. We came from her uterus.”

And then they just started chanting about how “special” I am and I just…?????????????????????????

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1 note on 03 Apr 14

Gah, it’s about 2 weeks to my best friend’s birthday and I still haven’t bought her anything! :(

03 Apr 14

Finally got some actual tennis shoes to speedwalk in! Now my feet don’t have to suffer anymore! :D

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