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1 note on 21 Apr 14

Today during English class, we were talking about Suicide and one of the students was like “there’s something mentally wrong with you if you wanna kill yourself” and, through LAUGHS, “I mean why would you want to end your life? That’s just - hahahah”.

21 Apr 14

I had an extended due date for this essay, what did I do? I still waited until the night before to even START on it. And now I sent in just the 1st 2 paragraphs to my teacher because that’s all I was able to get done.

I’m gonna fail it and I only have myself to blame. :( I have one more essay after this, and then the final exam. I hope I’m able to do amazingly with these last assignments because it’s all I’ve got left….

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20 Apr 14

My mom said “Easter last year was a bit hard” and I asked why. I literally forgot about the fact I’d been in the hospital….

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18 Apr 14

My friend’s daughter saw me looking at this picture

and said “Anna’s looking at her boyfriend, mommy”.

1 note on 18 Apr 14

It’s too late to get just a “W” on my transcript. I’ll get a “D”. But hopefully I can retake the class in the fall and make it better……

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18 Apr 14

Forget this. I’m making plans to drop this class and retake it in the fall.

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18 Apr 14

I’m gonna fail this class and have to retake it.

I don’t want to but it’s probably gonna happen. :(

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18 Apr 14

UGH. I can’t find ANY of the answers to this take home test in my book. I’ve been working on it for an hour and only found 1 answer so far.

I don’t know if he wrote the wrong page numbers down or what, but this is ridiculous. I wanna go to sleep, but I need to finish this darn test.

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14 Apr 14

Oh goody, our next unit in English talks about abortion.

I can’t wait to turn the volume all the way up in my headphones so I don’t have to hear the vocal republicans in my class.

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1 note on 13 Apr 14

I have this banned books mug and everybody else is banned from using it.

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