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            Anonymous said,
why is zayn your favorite 1D guy?


cuz he’s ugly and untalented and horrible and mean and doesn’t do nice things for his family at all and hates everyone around him and SUCKS 

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            Anonymous said,
what's going on with perrie and ally? Are they like lesbians now or something?

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            Anonymous said,
If Zayn's the king of facial expressions, then who's the queen?

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hm but harry returned to london as soon as perrie left and then niall was suddenly single, too so the only logical conclusion is #zarriall is real

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this random background character is gay. representation. these blurry people in the background for 2 seconds are black. representation

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            Anonymous said,
as soon as zayn tweeted about salute, it dropped two spots in the iTunes chart.


yes i’m sure there’s a direct correlation between those two events well done friend 

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"zayn’s not that attractive"

the blind (via okaywork)


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True fact: All stories ever written in the history of human existance would be massively improved with additional queer characters. 




Every. Single. One. Ever.

Can you fangirls not? The way you lot fetishise LGBT people, especially gay men is really gross sometimes: this is another example. We’re not some hot ingredient you picked up at the fancy new baking store you can just sprinkle on your stale cupcakes to make you Betty Crocker.

Yes, I a queer woman am fetishizing myself by advocating for more representation within media. Brilliant deduction. A plus job. CLEARLY I, a queer person myself, am nothing but a fangirl for wanting to see people LIKE MYSELF within narratives. 

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of course we can’t have gay people in historical dramas, gays weren’t invented until 1998 when will and grace started airing

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