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And the reason everyone love Lottie is because oh my gosh does she exceed expectations.

Not only is she openly best friends with a colored woman, something downright shocking for their time period, right when you expect her to yell at Tiana for embarassing her and ruining the beignets intended to win over Naveen, she doesn’t. She immediately helps the poor girl in the house, cleans her up, and gives her the prettiest dress she has. Who honestly saw that coming?

And my god, the ending. She’s ready to kiss the frog, and get the prince she’s always wanted, and the moment she finds out Tiana loves him? 

She agrees to kiss him so he and Tiana can get married. No strings attached. And she’s crying tears of joy because Tiana finally found her man. She loves Tiana that much.

Lottie is a character who came out of nowhere, is spoiled sweet, and won over everyone in the theater. And she looks damn great doing it.

i actually came across this brilliant oneshot about lottie that i love to pieces. everyone go read it.

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