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One thing I can’t STAND is pads that smell awful. I don’t expect them to smell like a basket of roses or anything, but I’d like to be able to take one out to put on without feeling like gagging.

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I’m so glad Perrie thought it was important to let us know that Zayn’s aware of what periods are. I was so concerned.

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You’d think he’d already know what periods were with having 3 sisters, and a mom.

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im still thinkin abt that post abt how the girls have white tour outfits and how they deserve props bc periods

and im like tru

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does anyone actually track their periods because i dont im too lazy and its just like this really terrible surprise that i dont want every month and me trying to convince myself that theres no way its been 4 weeks already

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All of my life I’ve wondered why they use blue liquid in maxi pad commercials.

After watching this video, I’m suddenly totally fine with blue liquid I’ll never bring it up again, I promise. Just watch the video.

they should use red

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When you wake up and get your period and you’re like “oh that’s why I was crying uncontrollably last night over a jelly bean”

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  • Every time I get my period: Wow no okay that was not a month.

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I haven’t been on much today because I have crampies. :(

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