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Okay but that really annoys me. Cheating IS a messed up thing and I’m not approving of it AT ALL, but come on. A public apology is not needed for that kind of thing. It doesn’t concern us. It only concerns the 2 people involved. It’s literally only THEIR business. What do they have to apologize to US for? They have to apologize to EACH OTHER and mean it but a public apology? That’s just making public what is a very private thing.

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if one post by a troll blog designed to make marginalized people look bad is enough for you to completely disassociate yourself from every social justice movement ever - not just the ones you see on this website, given that social justice isn’t something that was created by tumblr and has been around for hundreds of years (see: the suffragette movement, the civil rights movement, etc.) - you have a problem that far surpasses being upset by a post on the internet

that one post is making its rounds again (being reblogged critically, thank god for that) so let me add the tags this time


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I get that a lot of people don’t understand certain sexualities/genders, I really do. But the attitude of “I don’t experience it so it can’t exist” has gotta go.

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Also, people need to stop weighing cheating as a social justice issue. Cheating is a very messed up thing to do and I’m not defending it all, but it’s NOT comparable to racism, misogyny, etc.

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straight girls who say “im such a lesbian” when they think another girl is pretty


(Source: monosexuals)

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People who use “literally everyone has used that word at some point” as a defense for slurs need to stop projecting.

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  • Mainstream Feminists: Ugh, I hate when men say "not all men" on my posts. I KNOW it's not all men but why would I want to risk it?
  • Mainstream Feminists: *say "not all white people" on POC's posts*
  • Mainstream Feminists: *say "not all cis people" on trans people's posts*
  • Mainstream Feminists: *say "not all straight people" on queer people's posts*

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you don’t hate ""SJWS"" 

you hate people of colour talking about racism

you hate lgbqa people talking about lgbqa-phobia

you hate trans people talking about transphobia (and trans women talking about transmisogyny)

you hate non binary people talking about discrimination against them

you hate women talking about misogyny 

you hate disabled people talking about ableism

the use of ""SJWs"" is the worst, most thinly veiled attempt at bigotry I’ve seen

and yes, that counts even if you’re within the groups mentioned above

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((The ability to appreciate and evaluate human aesthetic is not determined by your sexuality))

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There’s really nothing wrong with an artist/band promoting another artist/band or giving another artist/band their fame, okay? It’s not something to be ashamed of or anything.

So I legitimately don’t understand why 5sos fans have such a problem with the fact that 1D helped them get to where they are right now.

It’s NOT a bad thing. At all.