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I get so viscerally angry when people condescend people who say they love a celebrity with the “you don’t really love them you’re just infatuated/idolize/etc them” because while I think it’s super important to acknowledge how easily things can manifest themselves in fandom (and frankly in the media as a whole) and how there is always a certain sort of idolization of celebrities that demeans them as people and strips them of their humanity elevating them to this untouchable, infallible thing that creates a lot of issues on its own, I think it’s also really freaking important to let people define their feelings and their emotions how they choose.Like, I just get so angry with that type of rhetoric and how commonly it’s focused on teenagers (especially teenage girls) as if they don’t have the faculties to discern their own feelings. 

Like honestly just shut up. I care about the happiness and the well being of One Direction and they make me feel happy in return just the same as my fiance or my friends of my fricking dog??? Like I’m fully aware that it’s not the same kind of love and it’s not necessarily the same as being in love with someone but I am offended and frankly appalled at how people are fine with people saying they love their pets and their favorite books and their favorite films but the minute a fan says they love their favorite celebrity it’s all condescension and better than thou attitudes because “oh no honey, you can’t possibly love them you’re just infatuated with them.” 

Seriously, shhhhhh with that. I don’t want to hear it.  

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If ur gonna ask someone if they’re “a boy or a girl” don’t

11 Apr 14

It would save so many people a lot of trouble if they would just read the darn “about me”…

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People who try so hard to get you to not like something anymore just because they don’t like it.

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I’ll have a number nope with a side of nope 



"Romantic attraction and sexual attraction are intrinsically linked."


"Kissing and cuddling are intrinsically romantic acts."


"I’m the authority on everything allow me to define your feelings for you."


*takes everyone who says any of these things and throws them in the garbage*

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Wanting your idol to stay relatively unknown just for your own gain is selfish and one of the worst things you could do as a fan.

Staying outside your idol’s house for hours and DEMANDING a picture with them is also selfish and one of the worst things you could do as a fan.

Stop being so entitled.

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But whyyy do fans ask celebrities to throw up gang signs in their photos?

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if you claim you want equality, but put someone down because they’re privileg-“ 


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"female bodied"


"a male to female transgender"


biologically —”


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I just don’t understand people on here who actually look up people’s addresses and phone numbers and post them all over the place.

Like, if what they did was really bad enough for that, send that information to the police or someone that can actually handle it.

Don’t just post their info everywhere where somebody even worse than them could find it.