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There has only been five female characters comfirmed playable compared to fifteen male characters.

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Who gets to discuss America’s racial issues on Fox News: Five white people.


Who gets to discuss America’s racial issues on Fox News: 
Five white people.

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            Anonymous said,
"Zayn is not muslim. I dont consider him to be one. He left his house at an early age therefore didnt have to follow what his parents had taught him about islam. He does every possible thing that is NOT allowed in his religion. His family is muslim but it honestly doesnt look like he is. You can believe all you want but you’re not really considered to be part of that religion unless you follow everything about it." Iblogwhateverthefuckiwant said it so do u think Zayn may NOT be a Muslim anymore?




No he’s muslim? Dude there’s so many worse Muslims out there besides Zayn trust me. Just because the spotlight is on Zayn we see it more on him. And it’s NO ONES PLACE to judge someone else’s iman and Deen that’s so disrespectful to say that he’s not muslim. You’re basically calling him a kafir and that’s not right. He’s said hes muslim in a recent interview or implied it. Sometimes people like drift away from the religion for a period of time in their life but that doesn’t make them any less of a muslim. There are people that study Islam and breathe Islam and they end up in jahanam and there are people who aren’t that religious but because Allah liked something they did they’re the ones that end up in jannah.

I fail to see how it was disrespectful but ok

astaghfirullah. first of all, you’re wrong about how “he left his house at an early age”. he lived with his mom for 18 years. his mom woke him up from his bed so that he could attend his x-factor audition, and he talked about paying her back for those 18 years by purchasing a house for his family during the press junkets for ‘this is us’. second of all, it is disrespectful because you are basically saying that he cannot identify as a muslim because of his publicized actions. how do you know what’s in his heart? what sort of power do you think you have to deem who’s suitable to be claiming islam as their religion? who ARE you? and you’re incredibly wrong about islam, and about religion entirely for that matter. the basis of islam is that Allah is the most merciful. we follow his word and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to our best abilities. all actions that we do are based on our intentions, so if we were to sin, but we had good intentions and repented, then God would forgive instantly. you can be the most “religious” person on the exterior, but it would mean nothing if you were to have an ugly heart and vice versa. we cannot judge zayn on how we assume he lives his life. THAT’S why you’re being disrespectful. get out of here.

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Au Meme: Five socially awkward teenagers become the biggest boyband in the world and take over your entire life.

Oh wait.

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it really is amazing how college campuses don’t feel overwhelmingly ashamed of their complicity in protecting rapists - failing to expel rapists, failing to streamline the reporting process, failing to provide resources for student survivors.

just amazing how plagiarizing from wikipedia and underage drinking in dorms are more of an ethical and moral concern. 

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Just in case you aren’t aware:

  • Ted’s soulmate died and despite suffering eight years of emotional turmoil and turn downs, ends up with a woman who had some diversity by putting career before love.
  • Barney is essentially alone and living like a 20 year old father.
  • Robin, who never wanted kids, is now going to be the stepmom to two children and is going back on everything she ever told Ted, just because her relationship with Barney didn’t last.
  • Lily is the mother of three children when she could barely handle one and there is no clue on how her art career went.
  • Marshall actually had an okay ending.
  • The Mother and Ted did not “last forever”.
  • There’s people praising this ending.

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worst series finale of a show i’ve ever seen

TERRIBLE disjointed writing

drama for the sake of drama

no questions answered really

destroying character growth

like robin wtf why is she hardly there

shock vaule over decent and satisfying storytelling

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zaynbending replied to your post: 300 words away from the minimum requir…

Do what I do I look thru what I’ve already written and take out contractions and fluff out some parts

But I really don’t have that much so far. I have the intro paragraph + thesis, the 2nd paragraph/background information, and the 3rd paragraph/opposing view.

I haven’t even addressed any of the points in my thesis yet. :/

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Diversity in Publishers Weekly’s 2013 Young Adult Bestsellers

The number of diverse YA titles — when diverse means main characters of color, LGBT and/or disabled main characters — has remained flat. There has been no improvement overall since last year.

Read the whole post with charts and analysis at DiversityinYA.com.

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