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27 Dec 12

Those fanfics where it’s impossible for you to stop reading them.

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“Guys! Guys!”-Zayn yelled from the bathroom.
“What?”-Niall asked.
“Call 911!!!”-Zayn yelled. They all ran to see what happened.
“Why?”-Louis asked when they saw nothing was on fire.
“There’s a handsome man in the mirror…Oh wait, that’s just me.”-Zayn said.



09 Dec 12

“So, first they wanted to ask you, Harry, what is your favorite Beatles album?”-Nick said.

“Who are the Beatles?”-Harry asked.

“I don’t know. Some dudes.”-Nick said imitating American accent.

“Why would I listen to them?”-Harry said.

“I have no idea. Moving on…”-Nick said.

1 note on 18 Nov 12

"Oh dear God…“-Liam said. Zayn looked really proud of himself. No one knew why. No one ever knows why. It’s not like he just came up with those wise words all by himself.

What are you trying to say, Sara? Zayn’s a genius.

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"Magda! All my boyfriends were good-looking.“-Sara protested.
"Not like this one…“-Magda said.

Magda didn’t lie.

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Zayn mumbled something in his sleep and tried to turn to the other side but ended up falling on the floor instead. But he continued sleeping there.

The funny part is this probably actually happens in real life too.

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He went to the living room and found Liam asleep on the couch and Zayn on the sofa.

Twue wuv <3

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"Want to dance?"-He asked.
"Well, I lost my better dance partner, so I guess I’ll settle for you."-She teased.
"I didn’t show you my best moves. Maybe you change your mind."-He said.

Yeah, okaaay Harry.

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"You’re the one that caused that scene on X Factor when you had to dance?"-Sara asked.
"Well, yeah…I loosened up now, babe."-He said. 

17 Nov 12

Zayn added and lifted his shirt to get a better look at his own abs.
"Zayn, stop looking at the mirror already!"-Louis yelled.
"Just a sec…"-Zayn said.
Louis then jumped off the couch and pulled Zayn away from the mirror.
"This amount of narcissism isn’t healthy."-Louis said. Zayn laughed.
"Hey, I’m not the one that insured his bottom…"-Zayn said.
"You know that isn’t true…"-Louis said.
"Yeah yeah…"-Zayn said sarcastically.