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"One Direction unveil their new mature style in You & I music video”

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Are feminist really trying to ban the word “bossy”? Apparently the first amendment doesn’t matter anymore because feelings trump everything else.

It’s not a literal ban, oh my god. That’s just the alliterative title.

 It’s about changing the way we frame assertiveness in girls and the discussion surrounding how girls are taught to be passive from a young age and how that negatively impacts us. 

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            Anonymous said,
chill with this duck dynasty thing.

What the heck?

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stuart little: the movie about a family of white people that decide to adopt a talking mouse over actual kids



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The pilot episode of Drake & Josh premiered ten years ago today
(January 11, 2004)

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No, I didn’t say that you’re weird for keeping your candles in the freezer when you’re not using them because you’re afraid that if you leave them out, they will somehow ignite by themselves and possibly burn your house down. I said that it’s weird that you do that. 

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Fifth Harmony was created on 2012, we are in 2014 now.  


Yeah, let that sink in

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