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what you say: tru

what I hear: True Jackson VP was filmed in front of a live studio audience

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say it with me:

makeup is gender neutral

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at coachella 


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there are too many vines of cishet boys in wigs making fun of girls. we need more vines making fun of cishet boys. girls wearing snapbacks and basketball shorts like ”bro hold my AXE i’m gonna draw a penis on this board” ”yeah draw a penis haha *frightened look at camera* i’m not gay tho”

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when you’re taking a multiple choice test and you get D for number 1image



I was at Target yesterday and this little girl wanted to buy Halo 4, but this lady came up to her and said video games are for boys. This lady had a box of trix in her cart and so the girl grabs the box and said ‘and trix are for kids.’ and ran off with the cereal and the game.

Small child: 1; Lady: 0

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talk dirty to me


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