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yeah look for it on youtube x

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"Oh is this about that Russell Simmons article where he wants to ban the n word, the b word, and the h word? Obviously as an artist I’m of the school where I think banning words is ridiculous, just like I think banning guns is. It’s all about context right? Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Words don’t kill people, not even close. Do words even hurt people’s feelings? No. People hurt people’s feelings. So now people like Russell Simmons and whoever want to make teasing a crime. While we’re at it, let’s ban the word “f*ggot.” Oh no we can’t because then what would we call a bundle of sticks? Darn. Banning a word is like trying to hold your hand up to the ocean to keep the waves from crashing down on you. Pointless. “N*gger” is a great word. It just packs so much punch. The two g’s next to each other are like literal two G’s, broin out, tough as nails, them against the world. It gives me chills that a word can hold so much power, it really makes me feel like I chose the right profession."

Girls writer Lesley Arfin, to the Huffington Post in 2007 (via leatherpumpkin)

This woman is the worst.

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So what I get is that she’s an idiot who’s basically asking to get punched in the throat.

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This lady is really starting to annoy me. Was she even remotely relevant before becoming a writer on “G irls”? I swear she has a chronic case of diarrhea of the mouth. Please be quiet.

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Does this cause for clorox or arsenic? 

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Somebody come collect this trick. Nobody has time for her garbage.

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for commentary.

This aint real….no way. Laaaaaaaawd and folks like TNC defended her?!? Or her “right” to do whatever on her show. Who in the heck left the gate open???

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can somebody please punch her in the kidneys goodness

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As seen on Facebook: “It’s weird that Madonna is doing a bunch of songs from Glee” 


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um what?

i’m going to be sick.

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"Gay t eens don’t commit su icide because of bullying… But they commit su icide because they know it’s wrong and that God h ates them."

Michelle Bachmann (via deathbypolitics)

There’s a possibility that this woman could be president. This is not ok. Be provoked. Speak out.

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I have never wanted to throttle someone SO BADLY. This absolutely infuriates me. This is so incredibly offensive and insensitive towards anyone who has ever lost someone to a gay-bashing/bullying related , as I have.

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What in the .

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What the ever loving  is wrong with this woman?

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Are you ing serious? She actually said this? How is this ing okay? How? (Clue: It’s not.)

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