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06 Mar 13

            zaynisthebeyonce said,
Okay regarding the britney gif set i took it as a challenge and i think you forgot boys and gimme more... right i'm gonna go now

Well, “Boys” is my least favorite single of hers so I haven’t actually watched the music video. Oops. :3

But thank you. Hahhaha.

Also, I’m going to take this as a sign that either you are a Britney fan or you decided to watch all of her music videos just now b/c of that GIFset so now you’ve turned into a Britney fan.

Either way, I love you more now.

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1 note on 24 Feb 13
but is it really niall’s solo to begin with? i thought people were confused and thought it was niall but it turned out it was zayn… am i mistaken?

There’s a mixture of “but I thought it was Niall, oh well” and “why is Zayn singing Niall’s solo?!1 :(((((“

It was never Niall’s solo in the first place but people are just angry and want to stick to their belief it was.

1 note on 16 Feb 13
You can hate Britney, but you can’t resist her music lbr

True story.

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1 note on 09 Feb 13
Oh hi! :) Love your blog! And haha! Even if I’m new to all that tumblr thing, I was still shocked the url wasn’t taken, as if it wasn’t common knowledge by now

I know right? I saved the url “zaynIsthebeyonce” yesterday and had a moment of shock like “how did someone let this URL get away from them?”

Welcome to Tumblr by the way. :)

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Hello! Welcome to my blog! :)